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Waxing Services

Can't decide what service you need, want or desire? Feel free to hit that contact button and I can lead you in the right direction.

That being said TruePenny Studio is driven to be ethical in every aspect of it's business, and never will steer you wrong or suggest a service that you will get no benefit from. 

Check out the FAQ's and Pre & Post Waxing Pages for more information!

Please note: TruePenny Studio currently does not offer any brow or lash services, including brow waxing.

Underarm Wax - $25

Also known as "armpit" wax. Please no deodorant 24-28 hours after me.

Chest & Stomach Wax - $50

Full front wax from waistline to neck. No shoulders or upper arms.

Back Wax - $45

Full back wax from waistline to neck. No shoulders or upper arms. For full backside wax, add on "Buttocks Wax"

Buttocks Wax - $40

Full butt, backside, ass, bum, peach, etc. Along with the crack, if you fancy.

Full Leg Wax - $70

Underwear line to ankles.  Upper thigh to ankles. If you need inner thigh/underwear line, please also book Vulva Wax - partial or full or Penis Area Wax - partial or full.

Half Leg Wax - $35

Players choice; Ankle to knee or knee to underwear line. OR Inner leg or outer leg to make a statement.

Stomach Wax - $25

Front side, waist line to bottom of the chest. Can leave happy trail of hair if you wish.

Full Arm Wax $45

Wrist to shoulder, over and under. Top of the hand may be de-furred as well.

Half Arm Wax - $30

Wrist to elbow or elbow to shoulder. Whatever floats your boat.

Upper Lip Wax - $13

This is best for fine to medium hairs fyi. Thick and full handlebar staches can't ride this ride.

Brazilian & Bikini - $65/$45

Brazilian  - This includes Bikini line, pubic mound, full labia, and bum crack.

Bikini - Remove all hair on bikini lines.

Manzilian -  $75

Manzillian  - Includes: Penis, scrotum, pubic mound, perineum, buttocks, and bum crack.

Inner Thigh Wax - $20

Wax from underwear line down the thigh a few inches - This is best if you want a clean up without doing a bikini wax.

Check out Frequently asked questions and pre & post care waxing!

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