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Chemical Peels

At TruePenny Studio I pride myself in my ethical practices of applying and recommending chemical peels to all my clients. Colorado climate can be harsh on our skin, and without the right preparations to our skin health, peels can negatively affect our skin if we aren't careful. All my peels I offer can be curated to your exact skin needs.

I am able to customize these peels using a variety of ingredients, skin prep, and how they are applied. I know seeing the word "chemical" can be scary, especially when thinking about applying it to our skin, but water is a chemical too and we apply that to our skin every day! So I like to think of them as Resurfacing Peels in lieu of the big scary C word. Have question!? Make sure to contact me and I will help answer any questions or concerns you have!

Why Peel?

If you are wanting a truly corrective skin treatment that targets acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and texture, a chemical peel will be one of your best options.  Most noticeable changes in the skin appear after a series of peels. Typically a series of 3-5 can be recommended depending on your skin goals. 

PS! The goal isn't to peel your whole face off. Peels are much more sophisticated these days, and even if you don't see visible peeling don't think that those ingredients didn't do their job. Everybody's skin is different and will react slightly different to each peel each time!

chemical peel.png
This before and after is after 3 Advanced Resurfacing Peels + curated home care regimen.
chemical peel
This before and after is after 3 Advanced Resurfacing Peels + curated home care regimen.

Lira Clinical Pure Peel - $215 (30min)

A minimal downtime with little to NO PEELING!

Lira Clinical's Pure Peel introduces a unique and brand-new exfoliating agent, Acetic Acid. It is accompanied by a symphony of other carboxylic acids: mandelic, lactic, salicylic, fermented jasmonic, and phytic acids which when combined, stimulates clear, firm, bright and beautiful skin. 

The Pure Peel is a Smart Peel™ solution, the latest release that builds upon the result driven solutions we are familiar with but is sure to change the way we navigate corrective skincare. It is the perfect solution for those who want instant results from advanced treatments without downtime. 

This comes with an aftercare kit that you use 3-5 days post peel.

Some clients may have slight flaking or feeling dry after this peel, but sheet peeling most likely won't happen.

Advanced Resurfacing Peel - $200 (30min) 

This advanced peel corrects hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, and unwanted skin texture.  Believe me when I say it's basically a magic eraser, but for your skin! It is seriously magic, and has minimal downtime to traditional medical peels. You may have zero to minimal visible shedding of the skin. (Who has time for downtime nowadays?)
This multi-acid peel creates the best results with a treatment series of 3 or 4 every 7 to 10 days. 
You must wear SPF daily, and stay out of direct sun for 48 hours post peel.
You must stop all vitamin A (retinol) derived products 7 days before treatment, and throughout the peel series. 
Not sure if this peel is right for you? Book a consult or facial to help come up with the best treatment plan to achieve your desired results. 

This comes with an aftercare kit that you use 3-5 days post peel.

Custom Resurfacing Peel - $145 (30min)

Results driven service, small downtime, mild to moderate peeling. 

Chemical peels use enzymes and gentle acids to help kickstart your skins cell turnover by removing your top skin layers and producing new youthful skin underneath.

Sara will determine which peel would be best dependent on your goals and the health of your current skin.

Best for: acne, sun damage, lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, acne scarring, dry or dehydrated skin 

This comes with an aftercare kit you use 3-5 days post peel.

Body Chemical Peel - $160 per body area to be treated, (back, arms, legs, bum, bikini area, hands & feet.)

Clients must get approval from Sara to be able to book this service. You must be on an approved home care regimen as well. New clients do not book this service.

Green Power (aka Liquid Microneedling) - $145 (30min)

This service combines the incredible results of microneedling and chemical peels, but is minimally invasive.
Help stimulate collagen and elastin production while also exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin.
No numbing required! This peel combines a unique blend of botanicals  for an optimum tightening effect on lackluster and sagging skin. 
This treatment can be adjusted to each individuals skin needs while still using the amazing Green Power powder (Badiaga: Spongia Officinalis).

Enhancements for Peels

More time for massage - $55 (30min) - I created this add on to allow more time for those who would like a longer arm, hand, shoulder, neck and facial massage. This is also great to add on to services that don't currently have time allotted for massage such as chemical peels, micro channeling, Rezenerate NanoFacial and HydroGLOW treatments. 

For all Chemical Peel Appointments please make sure you read the Pre & Post Care Section on my website.

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