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Frequently Asked Questions: Skin Care

Can't say how frequently or infrequently these are actually asked, but I hope that most of these cover the majority of your curiosities.

  • Will my hair grow back thicker from dermaplaning?
    No. I promise it won't. It won't ever ever ever grow back thicker. I swear on my own mother.
  • How should I prepare for my appointment?
    Make sure to check out pre & post care for skin care services to make sure you are prepped for your service. Take a long deep breath, tell yourself how amazing you are, and drink some water. THEN make sure you arrive with little to no makeup if possible, this helps ensure you get the full time for the treatment. If you do NOT fill out forms 24 hours ahead of time (check your email & spam) make sure you arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. If you have any specific questions then reach out to us. K thats it, cannot WAIT to see you!
  • What makes you different than any other spa or skin care clinic?
    Besides being the funniest Esthetician around... I do try to set TruePenny Studio apart in a few different ways. 1. I approach skin health first and foremost and help correlate any skin issues by also talking to you about other lifestyle factors. Such as diet, supplements, stress levels, body movement, etc. The skin is your biggest organ and is interconnected with so much more of our bodies than we realize, so I like to approach a skin issue in other ways than JUST slapping a cream on your face. 2. I want to make TruePenny Studio comfortable for ALL people, ethically. I will never sell you a product or service you don't need. I will always accept you just as you are. No judgments here. 3. TruePenny Studio cares about the environment, and one of my biggest worries when opening was the waste my business could possibly reduce. Currently I turn all my single use items into clean energy through a program called, Green Circle Salons. I also use reusable towels in the bathroom, reusable wax pads, reusable tools instead of cotton swabs (when appropriate), shipping packaging from products we purchased is up-cycled for other businesses to use. Theses are a few examples of what I currently do, with some goals for becoming more environmentally friendly in the future.
  • Isn't skincare just for women?
    The biggest reason to open up my own business and pour my whole life into this endeavor is to show the world that ALL PEOPLE NEED SKINCARE. We all have skin and it is literally our biggest organ... so why do women only need to take care of it? It is for everybody. Everybody needs to take care of their physical and mental health, and your skin is part of your physical AND mental health. I am here to help you with whatever your skin needs and will never judge or shame anybody walking into my doors.
  • I don't see any Gentlemen's facial listed on your service menu, why's that?
    Skin is skin to me! I don't need to specify or dedicate one facial "for men" when I would be customizing it to your specific needs anyways.
  • Can I know the ingredients of products ahead of time?
    YES! Please just reach out ASAP so I can give you plenty of time to review the list of products that may be used in your service. If you are very sensitive or would like to do a patch test for a product, go ahead and book that on my booking site. Make sure it is at least 48 hours before your appointment so we can make sure all is good.
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